Artist Services

LaNeese provides professional quality choreography  and dancers  for artists  looking to enhance their performances and make their mark in the entertainment industry. LaNeese works hand and hand with artists to create a vision for their projects that they envision for their artistry. Services are provided for castings, live performances, music videos, promotional classes and videos, showcases and tours. 


Artist receive a free consultation — in-person, online, or phone— to discuss the artist’s choreographic desires, including fusion style, music and references.

Music Videos

LaNeese Chantal provides professional quality choreography and dancers for artists who desires to create an entertaining value to their music videos

Live Performances

LaNeese provides professional quality choreography and dancers for artists looking to create a more entertaining performance for their audiences.

Showcases and Tours

LaNeese provides professional quality choreography and dancers for artists that are preparing to perform for a tour or a showcase.


LaNeese provides assistance in casting for artists and production companies  that are looking for talent for their upcoming projects but do not have the time or resources to find them.. Let LaNeese take the stress off of your shoulders of producing quality work with the right talent.

Promotional Videos

Promotional video are great for artists looking for unique ways to promote their music through social media and are having trouble producing new content to promote their material.

Single Release Dance Class

A promotional dance class is a great way for artists to step out the box while marketing their music.Promotional Dance classes are a great alternative for artists that are looking for a unique twist on hosting listening parties to promote their upcoming music and projects.

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