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 Themes are a great way to add excitement to your Vixen Strut private party. Have your guests dress up to match your theme, Have music and choreography customized to fit your theme. Take a look at some of our classic themes for Vixen Strut parties. Clients are also able to choose their o.wn theme for the private parties

Vixen Strut Themes


Our burlesque themed private parties are perfect for our clients looking to unleash their inner showgirl .   


Our Carnival themed private parties are perfect for our soca and dancehall music lovers.  Whine your waist to some of your favorite dancehall songs with your closest friends


Our Decades themed private parties are  for clients looking to celebrate their special occasion dedicated to a specific decade.

Video Vixen

Our Video Vixen themed is for a clients looking to channel their inner diva for the special occasion. Let out your inner Beyonce, Jlo or Britney Spears with your closest friends.

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