Vixen Strut




Vixen Strut was developed in January 2017 with the purpose of creating a fun environment for special occasions, such as Bachelorette parties,Birthday parties, and Girls Night Out,  that allows for women to come together and have a great time with their friends through dance. Create long-lasting memories with your girlfriends. No formal training is needed.

Vixen Strut Packages

Themed Parties

 Themed parties are a great way to create an atmosphere for guests at  upcoming Femme Strut Parties.

Clients are welcome to create their own desired themes for their parties as well


Ever wanted to feel like a showgirl? Looking for a confidence booster?Unleash your inner sexy and sultry moves with a Burlesque party.


Perfect for lovers of dancehall, soca,and reggae. Whine your waist with some of your closest friends for your carnival with Femme Strut.


Want to relive some of the best years of your life? Wish you got to experience a certain era?  Live out your dream with a decades party. Disco into 70's, pop and lock into 80's, or dance through the 90's

Video Vixen

Have you ever pretended to be Beyonce at Beychella? Have you ever practiced your Britney moves? Have you performed to Rihanna in the mirror?Live out your pop star dream with a video vixen party.

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